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OK, so, don't laugh, this is my first foray into the SOLO world "proper." 

I'm currently midway through a module with my year 7s on detective writing- they are going to plan and record an opening chapter of a Detective thriller to make an audiobook for their parents to listen to.

Creative writing, to me, has always been a difficult "soft" skill, however hard you try to turn it into something with solid elements to put into a list of success criteria.

Having modelled some effective examples with the class, and asked them to comment and highlight features such as short sentences, adventurous vocab, clues to keep the reader guessing and so forth, I then linked this with SOLO by means of the relational phase for them to begin to put the success criteria together, with a modelled example on the board.

This helped the students to realise that it was OK to put a few ideas together, and for it not to be perfect first time round. 

In the following lessons, it's also been interesting to see an improvement in the quality of the re-drafts, especially in light of the success criteria becoming more recognisable for students, as well as, more importantly, having the SOLO ladder to hold onto, as the diagram suggests.

I'll get some examples of the work and stick them up here this week!


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English, Education, Solo, Literacy