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OK, so this isn't revolutionary, nor is it especially exciting, but the Maths department at our school have got some pretty interesting stuff going on in terms of "learning pathways" which gives students a choice in the learning outcome they will tackle. Each student can choose the difficulty of their task on different coloured bits of paper, which they can navigate and change as they feel appropriate (and hopefully increase in confidence).

Obviously English is different by nature, but I still like the simplicity of colour, so I adapted it to English and our study of Of Mice and Men. I've got Cathy Williams (@failbettercw) and Adam Lewis (@englishalewis) to thank for their scheme of work and me even getting the bones of this lesson in place to begin with!

Basically, on the learning outcomes, I put an "All" and "Some will" type of affair, and then colour coordinate the main demonstrate tasks in line with it. If the students select the yellow outcome, they will attempt the yellow demonstrate task on the board and so on, but what I like about this especially is that students can jump from the easier option to them ore difficult one if they feel able. 

That way, it gives the student some locus of control of their learning outcomes, but still keeps it relatively confined in terms of progress tracking- the review might need some work, but it's a pretty non threatening way of getting different perspectives and results of these outcomes together- they just get into groups of four, give themselves a number, and then each have the responsibility of filling in a quarter of a circle- you'll see what I mean...

Attached the slideshow if anyone wants to see :)


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English, Education, Solo, Literacy